SSPC Certified Protective Coating, Speciality Painting and Heavy Constructions Contractor
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Inspect and manage critical infrastructure


We safely and quickly capture high-resolution imagery of civil construction and infrastructure projects, such as roads and highways, bridges, stadiums, buildings, dams, and more.


We can quickly and regularly inspect buildings, active production plants, and facilities to improve documentation, identify issues faster, and equip your maintenance and operations teams with high-resolution aerial data.

Stadium Roof Inspection

Structure 3D Modeling


Save time, improve communication, and reduce cost by using drone data to perform surveys, conduct inspections, and document every job site.


Through interactive digital maps and in-depth analysis, projects run on time, on budget, and safely.


  • Oversee site planning and design of a new facility with survey-grade maps
  • Manage internal and external stakeholders with collaborative reports
  • Stay aware of your site’s status with visual documentation
  • Quickly identify issues on-site and share visual evidence with contractors

Mapping & Surveying


Quickly assess progress, issues, and opportunities.


Accurately measure volume, slope, and distance.
Evaluate progress and validate work with Earthworks analysis.
Report value and quantify inventory with Stockpile Reporting.