SSPC Certified Protective Coating, Speciality Painting and Heavy Constructions Contractor
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Marine Coating Services


Our primary emphasis are cruise ships, cargo ships, and warships of the United States Navy; both dry dock and ride along crews.  Services include blast, clean, preserve and apply specialized protective industrial coatings to exterior hull, exposed topside equipment, structures, and fittings. Coatings designed for this market are specifically formulated to ensure smooth sailing and as such are used for anti-fouling, anti-corrosion, and self-cleaning purposes. Anti-fouling coatings, which are used to protect ships from organisms that can impede performance, have been the most in-demand over the last few years and our team has extensive experience in the application of these systems. To date, growth in this market is being driven, in general, by the size of the global market fleet, and continued and steady growth is expected.


Our Equipment


We own all of our steel recycling abrasive blast equipment from the following:


Some of Our Work

Project: USS San Antonio
Scope of Work: 
100,000 square feet of well deck
SP10 Off of an in place work platform
Steel grit recyclable abrasive
Followed by an SP6 blast prior to painting