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Marine Coating Services


Our primary customer historically has been the warships of the United States Navy where our tireless technicians blast, clean, preserve and apply a specialized protective industrial coating to the entire exterior hull of these mighty ships, as well as cleaning and coating all exposed topside equipment, structures, and fittings. This requires the use of many specialized coatings and paints to maintain the operating condition of sensitive radars and other sensors and to maintain the ship’s “Stealth” characteristics. Additionally, NCI’s dedicated staff will completely paint and preserve all manner of interior spaces within the hull of these warships, ranging from engineering spaces to the crew’s living quarters and messing facilities. We can also support the needs of any industrial or commercial customer, bringing this same expertise and commitment to whatever your project is, no matter how big or how small.


Our Equipment


We own all of our steel recycling abrasive blast equipment from the following:


Some of Our Work

Project: USS San Antonio
Scope of Work: 
100,000 square feet of well deck
SP10 Off of an in place work platform
Steel grit recyclable abrasive
Followed by an SP6 blast prior to painting