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Champion Safety Newsletter – February 2024

March 28, 2024

Protecting Data at Home & Work

Today, cyber threats are everywhere, so understanding and implementing basic cybersecurity measures is not just a recommendation, it’s a necessity for every employee. Champion is dedicated to protecting personal and company data — starting with these basic fundamentals.

Identify Common Cyber Threats

  • Phishing: Deceptive emails or messages that trick you into giving away personal information. Be alert for emails or messages from unknown sources, especially those requesting sensitive information, and watch for telltale signs like poor grammar, urgent demands, and suspicious links
  • Malware: Harmful software that can damage or infiltrate your device or network
  • Ransomware: A malicious program that locks you out of your files or system until a ransom is paid
  • Insider Threats: Risks from within the organization, such as disgruntled employees or careless use of data

Adopt Strong Password Habits

  • Mix letters, numbers, and symbols to create complex passwords
  • Avoid personal information that can be easily guessed
  • Use a passphrase—a series of words or an entire sentence
  • Consider a password manager to securely store your passwords

Protect Your Devices

Securing your devices is crucial, especially if you work remotely. Ensure your devices have the latest antivirus software and are protected by firewalls and encryption. Use caution on public Wi-Fi networks and consider a VPN for a safer connection.

Adhere to Champion’s Cybersecurity Policies

Champion’s cybersecurity policy is a roadmap for safe digital behavior. Follow it closely and you’ll not only stay safer online but you’ll be a vital contributor to the safety of all of Champion.


Champion Crew of the Month - February 2024

Crew of the Month

Champion proudly presents the Safety Crew of the Month award to “Brown’s Army,” the Riverside Drive Viaduct project: Supervisor Anthony Brown, Foreman Joe Brown, and their dedicated and professional crew members. Despite extremely difficult field & job site conditions, the team maintained the Champion standard in safety and performance. On a recent successful OSHA inspection, they provided hundreds of pages of documentation regarding Champion’s Lead Program — and showcased Joe Brown’s proactive approach to identifying and addressing potential hazards. Congratulations and thank you, team!

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