SSPC Certified Protective Coating, Speciality Painting and Heavy Constructions Contractor
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Safety is Our #1 Priority

Champion Safety Recognition

Farley Plant

The greatest success story to date has been Champion's - the project's vendor - safety and human performance record throughout the project. With all the bending, turning, lifting of material, cutting of insulation and other aspects of the work, there has been only one minor injury since the project stated in August. Each day, the team reinforces the need for not only making safety personal, but looking out for one another to ensure the safety of their peers as well. This safety behavior, along with the message of error-free performance, is proof that reinforcing this and looking out for one another is helping us model high standards and get better every day.


The Champion Safety Program is managed by our team of experts, who continuously work to maintain compliance with environmental conditions, employee training, EPA, OSHA and other appropriate government standards and regulations. Champion is a firm believer that task-based safety assessments, effective communication, specific work controls, and direct worker involvement is paramount in achieving an incident free work environment. As a result of our proven and sustainable safety culture, Champion maintains an exemplary industry safety record.


Champion is committed to safe work practices and continual improvement of these practices. “Safety First” is a fundamental core value that resonates throughout our organization. We believe that human resources are at the center of our success and formally trained and experienced team members in the workplace are priceless. We have developed a culture where every member within our organization takes personal responsibility for embracing safety first for every work activity performed. We have implemented extensive health, safety, and environmental policies and programs to ensure that every team member has the guidelines, training, and knowledge to perform all activities in a safe manner. All team members go through a rigorous safety orientation as part of the hiring process and are certified with OSHA 10 at a minimum. We are a member of the National Safety Council and Leaders at different levels are certified with OSHA 30 or OSHA 30/OSHA 500/OSHA 510.  Daily job hazard analysis worksheets are completed by our site leaders as well as weekly toolbox talks and hazard communication procedures. We are dedicated to creating and maintaining a safety culture that is practiced by all employees on and off the job site. In addition, we recognize that alcohol or substance abuse can impair a team member’s ability to perform tasks properly and safely, therefore Champion Painting Specialty Services Corp is proud to be a drug-free workplace.


Safety performance is a key factor in the review and promotion of our employees.  Discipline for non-compliance to safety rules or unsafe behavior will result in disciplinary action up to and including termination.  We exercise this management right, and demand safe behavior and work practices as a condition of continued employment.



Safety Certifications


Champion team members possess the necessary safety certifications to perform all industrial and commercial projects we are awarded. Below is a list of specialized safety training that we provide to our team members in order to promote safe work practices and continual improvement of these practices.  Click on the links below to learn more about each of the certifications.  As a proud Union Signatory Member, the certifications below are also offered at Local Unions Halls as value added programs for our members