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Project: Enrico Fermi Nuclear Generating Station Location: Newport, Michigan

Nuclear Industry

The Champion team is comprised of highly-experienced personnel that have proven ability to self-perform specialty services and unique processes in the nuclear environment such as: coatings, linings, metalizing, insulation, fireproofing, roofing, siding, penetration seals, enclosure and work platform systems, identifications systems, and lead and asbestos abatement. Our projects include engagements with multiple commercial nuclear, nuclear new-build, and conventional power utilities.

Champion’s nuclear project team has clearly demonstrated its strength and experience through a vast array of knowledge and technical expertise in executing these projects for the commercial nuclear power industry. Champion has built a project team of SMEs (subject matter experts) for this endeavor that is unparalleled to any of our competitors.


Port Saint Lucie Nuclear Power Plant, Port Saint Lucie, FL

Port Saint Lucie Nuclear Power Plant, Port Saint Lucie, FL

These Specialty Services/Special Process work scopes are normally subcontracted by the Owner or other contractors and the keys to success are having:

  1. Management commitment
  2. Robust safety and quality programs
  3. Experienced suppliers
  4. Developed Partner Relationships
  5. Effective planning
  6. Solution-based communication
  7. Incorporation of lessons learned and best practices
  8. Dedicated key personnel
  9. Allocation of reliable equipment resources
  10. A core group of qualified craftsmen
  11. Performance-based execution
Aerials of the Turkey Point Nuclear Power Plant in Florida City, Fla.

Aerials of the Turkey Point Nuclear Power Plant in Florida City, Fla.

Champion embraces the Nuclear Safety Culture and maintains a Safety Conscious Work Environment (SCWE) Program. This requires training to make sure all levels of our organization know that they have the right and the obligation to report any concerns related to personal or nuclear safety without fear of retaliation or negative repercussions of any kind. Additionally, we also embrace the use of Human Performance Tools and how the success of our organization depends on promoting a work environment with the implementation of these tools for a strong level of understanding across our entire nuclear workforce.

Champion’s Nuclear Quality Assurance Program is compliant with the US Federal Code of Regulation 10CFR50 Appendix B and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) NQA-1, and ensures compliance with client-specific design requirements and/or national codes and standards affecting nuclear safety. This program is multi-discipline and has been audited and accepted for use on the new-build nuclear power facilities. Additionally, Champion’s Quality Management System is compliant with the internal standard ISO-9001 and ensures compliance with client-specific design requirements and national codes and standards affecting the standard commercial industry.

The strategic plan, called “Delivering the Nuclear Promise: Advancing Safety, Reliability and Economic Performance” will strengthen the industry’s commitment to excellence in safety and reliability, assure future viability through efficiency improvements, and drive regulatory and market changes so that nuclear energy facilities are fully recognized for their future.

Together, these programs provide confidence that Champion can procure, construct, handle, ship, receive, store, clean, erect, install, inspect, test, service, repair, modify and decommission items and/or components to the highest quality requirements standards. Champion’s implementation of these programs set us apart from our competitors and makes us a leader in the industry.

Some of the key elements of the above programs include:

  • Organizational Structure and Assignment of Responsibilities
  • Use of Qualified and/or Certified Personnel
  • Control and Use of Requirements Documents
  • Controlled Material Procurement
  • Identification and Control of Items and/or Materials
  • Use of Calibrated Measuring and Test Equipment
  • Control and Reporting of Inspection/Test Results
  • Identification, Reporting and Resolution of Noncompliant Materials and/or Activities

Industry Consensus Standards Certifications

  • The Society for Protective Coatings (SSPC)
  • QP1 -Field Applications of Coatings – Complex Structures
  • QP2 -Industrial Hazardous Paint Removal
  • QP3 -Shop Applied Coatings

The National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE)

  • NACE1 – Generalist Certification
  • NACE2 – Specialist Certification
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