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Coating Services

Coatings serve several functions, including decorative, protective, and functional

Our services in Coating
  • Corrosion Control

    Corrosion control is an essential system designed to preclude or reduce corrosion. Champion’s team is uniquely experienced. Champion continues to evaluate situations and recommend the proper course of action for corrosion control.

  • Commercial Painting & Decorating

    We specialize in the maintenance of corporate facilities including painting, wallcovering, fabric panels, electrostatic painting, and all types of decorative effects. Champion has also worked for many major general contractors and can handle all types of jobs ranging from two hundred square feet to 20 floors.

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  • Fireproofing

    Our professional crews ensure the protection of structures through access to the latest insulation and linings materials that work to keep facilities protected from extreme heat. While fire cannot be prevented, the toll a fire takes on a structure is minimized through Champion’s services.

  • High-Performance Coatings

    Champion is experienced in providing the best coatings services to increase the protection and longevity of structures. Champion offers premium, value-added service unsurpassed in the coatings industry, including: epoxy, lining, and sealers.

  • Tank Lining

    Our team has an extensive history with tank lining and provides fuel tank liners, gas tank liners, water tank liners, and full containment liners. Our custom tank liners are built to prevent leakages and safely contain chemicals for years to come.

  • Floor Coverings

    Champion offers a variety of floor coverings. Whether you’re choosing a finish based on durability or aesthetics, we can recommend the right choice for your installation.

  • Marine

    Champion has extensive experience providing our range of services to cruise and cargo ships, super yachts, and facilities exposed to marine environments such as shipping ports and United States Navy bases.

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Coating Services Services Available in these Industries

Champion provides services for corporate and health care facilities, commercial/retail spaces, and public projects. Our scope includes painting, wallcovering, fabric panels, intumescent fireproofing, electrostatic painting, and all types of decorative finishes.

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Champion’s industrial clients are focused on manufacturing and distributing their products, moving people and supplies from place to place, and engineering and building new products. They rely on us to help them maintain, repair, and remediate their facilities, when needed.

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Performing in the heavy construction and infrastructure sector, Champion has a proven track record of success on major complex projects throughout the United States.

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The Champion team is comprised of highly-experienced personnel that have the proven ability to self-perform specialty services and unique processes in the nuclear environment such as: coatings, linings, metallizing, insulation, fireproofing, roofing, siding, penetration seals, enclosure and work platform systems, identifications systems, and lead and asbestos abatement. Our projects include engagements with multiple commercial nuclear, nuclear new-build and conventional power utilities.

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