Common Specialty Painting Project Issues and How to Avoid Them

May 19, 2021

At Champion Painting Specialty Services Corp. (Champion), specialty painting projects are what we do best; after all, it’s in our name. However, whether working on a creative water tower to bring color to a city or handling a job at the home of your favorite sports team, specialty projects can come with their own unique set of potential issues that should be addressed before diving in. Being an industry leader means we will  meet or exceed safety, performance, and specification requirement for each and every client and project. Our team is SSPC QP1, SSPC QP2, NQA-1, and SSPC QS1 certified.

Qualified labor

Qualified labor is an issue that companies have when working a job because laborers and their managers need to be held accountable for their duties. At Champion, we bring out the best in people, and we do so by holding them accountable. Champion has a team of highly experienced personnel subject matter experts with a vast array of knowledge and technical expertise in executing specialty services projects. We believe in providing our clients in the public and private sector with professional service and unsurpassed industry knowledge while maintaining the highest degree of integrity and safety. One way we do so is by ensuring that the right people are doing the right jobs.

Management of Craft Worker Certifications

When starting a job, it is important to have enough certified workers to implement the work and have the proper clearances to be allowed on the job site. Rather than running into the issue when the job arises, CPSSC encourages our team members to further their education and certifications. All team members go through a rigorous safety orientation as part of the hiring process and are certified with OSHA 10 at a minimum. Not only are team members encouraged to pursue additional certifications, but Champion uses Certihire to track craft certifications. Certihire allows individuals to keep their profile up to date with all certifications that they are in possession of so that management teams are able to quickly put together a team of the most qualified professionals.

Champion is also a member of the National Safety Council, and leaders at different levels are certified with OSHA 30 or OSHA 30/OSHA 500/OSHA 510. The Champion Safety Program is managed by a team of experts, who continuously work to maintain compliance with environmental conditions, employee training, EPA, OSHA and other appropriate government standards and regulations. Champion is dedicated to creating and maintaining a safety culture that all employees practice on and off the job site. The management of craft worker certifications is paramount in doing so.


Champion works closely with our clients to ensure that all required site permits are in order before our team heads over. If necessary, we confirm that access control has been put in place for the safety of both our team members and the general public.

Champion uses pre-job loading and management meetings to pre-plan for any potential issues to ensure all employees are in place and properly trained. If a problem should arise during a specialty painting project, our team remains calm and understanding while issues are elevated to the proper manager and addressed per our policies and company culture.

Just like my mother always said, you can plan a pretty picnic, but you can’t predict the weather. As a leader in the industry, it is our mission to deliver high-performance services to our clients. A key component in doing is being aware of potential issues for each particular project while remaining flexible in approaching and solving them.

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