Our Champions

The people on the front lines and behind the scenes are the heart of Champion.  


  • Carlos M. Hernandez

    Carlos M. Hernandez

    Chief Executive Officer

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    As President of Champion, Carlos Hernandez has grown the company to be a leader in heavy construction, specialty services, road and bridge, and military industries. He and Champion are firmly committed to their mission of delivering high-performance services to the public and private sectors while always maintaining the highest degree of safety, quality, and integrity.

    As president, Hernandez leads efforts in business development and building relationships. He also supports the sales, estimating, project management, staffing, and partnerships activities. Hernandez believes that team members are the backbone of the organization and leans into staff development by ensuring that his teams are well-trained and possess the tools to be successful.

    His interest in construction started at an early age through his father. He took that passion, founded a specialty coatings company, and led the organization prior to purchasing Champion in 2012.

    Before his professional pursuit of construction, Hernandez served in the United States Marine Corps. From there, he led a highly decorated law enforcement career in South Florida that spanned more than a decade. Hernandez holds a bachelor's degree in professional administration from Barry University. He also holds certifications as SSPC Protective Coatings Inspector (PCI) Level 2, SSPC Quality Control Supervisor (QCS), and Florida Department of Transportation Advanced Maintenance of Traffic (MOT).

    Hernandez is an active community member and has lent his support to United Way, the U.S. Marine Corps Toys for Tots, New World School of the Arts, DANCE NOW, Miami Children's Theater, and more.

  • Kyle Hough

    Kyle Hough

    Chief Operations Officer

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    Champion’s Chief Operations Officer Kyle Hough is an industry leader with over 20 years of experience in industrial coatings and construction specialty services. His vision for Champion goes beyond annual revenue, focusing on building a diverse footprint with resources that prioritize the development and well-being of their people. Hough believes in bringing great individuals to the team and has cultivated a culture and environment that values continuous improvement.

    With Hough’s expertise in business, customer growth and solving workforce issues, Champion has successfully expanded to multiple construction specialty services and construction craft companies in a wide range of industries, from power, pharmaceutical, and stadiums, to road & bridge, theme parks, and commercial construction. Hough’s vision has always been the same: develop an exceptional company culture and dedication to the people.

    Hough’s mindset for the growing company has always been to strive for perfection, knowing that it may never be fully achieved, and always aiming to get better. He strives to remain ahead of the industry trends and continues to push the boundaries and go beyond industry-wide expectations.

    After becoming an apprentice with the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades at a young age, Hough has worked his way up through the industry’s ranks. He is a true thought leader and has contributed multiple articles to Coatings Pro Magazine and the Journal of Protective Coatings & Linings.

    Hough holds an SSPC-certified Level 3 Protective Coatings Inspector (PCI), a C 3 Supervisor/Competent Person, a Protective Coating Specialist (PCS), and a Master Coatings Inspector (MCI).

    When not working, Hough spends time with his wife, and their two adult sons. He also enjoys practicing his lifelong passion of martial arts.

  • Charles Jeffrey “Jeff” Gibbons

    Charles Jeffrey “Jeff” Gibbons

    Chief Business Development Officer

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    Jeff Gibbons, Chief Business Development Officer, leads the Champion Specialty Services division. He is a seasoned construction executive with more than 30 years of experience at all management levels of construction, maintenance, modifications, demolition, and plant upgrades serving the power industry — hydro, fossil, and nuclear, along with other industrial markets.

    Gibbons is involved in strategic planning, presentations, and execution related to sales, marketing, proposal writing, estimating, and contract negotiations. He has experience in industrial business market areas, encompassing conventional power, nuclear power, pulp and paper, chemical, food and beverage, U.S. Department of Defense, and Department of Energy industries. He is also responsible for maintaining and strengthening client relationships and developing new business opportunities.

    A proud Florida State University alumnus, he is a previous winner of the Bechtel Annual Award, issued for being one of the Top 50 Subcontractors in the world. Gibbons is a member of SSPC, NACE, NACE Nuclear, and NRCA. When he’s not championing our capabilities, he enjoys playing golf, working out, and spending time with his wife Shirley and their two adult children.

  • Jenny Guzman

    Jenny Guzman

    Chief Administrative Officer Champion Corporate

  • Jim Arnold

    Jim Arnold

    Chief Financial Officer Champion Corporate

  • Duane Hough

    Duane Hough

    President of Champion Specialty Services - Special Operations Group

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    As president of Champion Specialty Services’ Special Operations Group, Duane Hough has brought more than two decades of experience in business development, specialty protective coatings, and quality assurance to help develop Champion’s skilled global labor workforce. Combining his years of military training with his construction background, he uses cutting edge technology to build and perfect the systems that Champion uses for all its projects.

    Drawing from his experience as a Marine Infantry Sergeant, Hough incorporates lessons and principles learned from multiple deployments and humanitarian efforts into his problem solving and leadership approach. His keen project management skills have been the driving force to effectively lead diverse teams at Champion and successfully expand the company’s operations overseas.

    We Champion Quality “Our clients expect the highest-quality work, and we deliver. The longevity of the work we do is important to them, and so it’s important to us.”

    Hough is an SSPC certified Level 3 Protective Coatings Inspector (PCI), a Level 2 Bridge Coating Inspector (BCI), a Level 2 Concrete Coating Inspector (CCI), a C 3 Supervisor/Competent Person, a Protective Coating Specialist (PCS), a Master Coatings Inspector (MCI), and a SSPC BCI instructor. He previously served as a project manager/foreman for a large national contractor. In this capacity, he managed scheduling for projects, determined labor requirements, and oversaw team members.

    Prior to joining Champion, Hough served in the United States Marine Corps, where he led, trained, and counseled Marine Corps infantry. A decorated veteran, he has conducted combat and humanitarian operations throughout the world. Hough is a husband to Julie and father to four children. Outside of work, he enjoys working with philanthropic organizations such as No Kid Hungry.

  • Anthony Maracic

    Anthony Maracic

    President of Champion Painting

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    Anthony Maracic, President of Champion Specialty Services Infrastructure division, boasts a remarkable career spanning over four decades, with a particular focus on protective coating and paint systems for the structural steel industry. His unwavering dedication to leadership, quality production, and safety is at the core of his role, where he adeptly oversees a diverse team of over 200 professionals engaged in more than 150 global projects. Maracic's leadership philosophy places a strong emphasis on the significance of each team member's contributions, understanding that their collective efforts are pivotal to the company's success.

    Throughout his illustrious career, Maracic has been intimately involved in numerous high-profile projects, including iconic structures such as the George Washington Bridge and the towering 1,776-foot antenna of Manhattan's Freedom Tower. His crowning achievement came with the successful bid and execution of the monumental $168 million Queensboro Bridge project, which was the largest US paint project at the time. Maracic personally managed the estimation process and then directed the entire project to a triumphant conclusion, surpassing the owner's expectations.

    Before joining the Champion team, Maracic honed his skills and amassed extensive experience in the bridge painting industry. He began as an apprentice and gradually ascended to become a partner at a distinguished New York-based contractor, where he laid the foundation for his impressive career.

    Maracic's commitment to his field is not limited to his role at Champion. He is an active member of the Association for Materials Protection and Performance, representing both the former SSPC and NACE. Additionally, he serves as a founding committee chairperson for FOP Ashley's Cure, a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing research on Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva (FOP).

    Outside of his professional life, Anthony Maracic finds joy in spending time with his wife, Joanne, and cherishes moments with his four daughters, son, and grandson. He also takes pleasure in watching his son excel in collegiate baseball, a testament to his support not only in the business world but also within his family life.

  • Kelly Powers

    Kelly Powers

    President Champion Nuclear Services

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    Kelly Powers has more than 25 years of power & energy industry experience on major construction projects and programs in the government and commercial sectors. He has a proven track record of strong business growth and project/commercial performance.

    Powers attributes his history of success on endeavoring to be a servant leader, always focusing on the needs and support of those for which he is responsible.

    Prior to Champion, Powers worked as a Program Manager for Aircraft Carrier Nuclear Propulsion (joint DoE/DoD program), Corporate Functional Area Manager of Capital Projects for Entergy Nuclear, Vice President of Major Projects for Entergy Services, and President of Williams Industrial Services Group.

    Mr. Powers holds a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana, and a Masters in Nuclear Engineering earned through Naval Postgraduate training. He also holds Project Management Professional (PMP) and Program Management Professional (PgMP) certifications from the Project Management Institute.

  • Mat Bryant

    Mat Bryant

    Vice President of Operations Champion Painting - SE

  • Andrew Wieber

    Andrew Wieber

    Vice President of Operations Champion Painting - NE

  • Rusty Gasser

    Rusty Gasser

    Vice President of Operations Specialty Services

  • Barry Cooper

    Barry Cooper

    Vice President of Business Development and Strategy

  • David Sharek

    David Sharek

    Vice President Of Decommissioning and Spent Fuel Services

  • Fred Toler

    Fred Toler

    Vice President of Corporate S.H.&E.

  • Bryan Monteon

    Bryan Monteon

    Vice President of Quality


  • Helena Bendik

    Helena Bendik


  • Tina Cordon

    Tina Cordon

    Corporate Tax Director

  • Maciel Riccardo

    Maciel Riccardo

    Payroll Specialist

  • Lili Mannino

    Lili Mannino

    Payroll Specialist

  • Tiffany Lopez

    Tiffany Lopez

    Accounts Payable Specialist

  • Brittany Albin

    Brittany Albin

    Accounts Payable Specialist

  • Eddy Espinoza

    Eddy Espinoza

    Billing Specialist

  • EJ Coughlin

    EJ Coughlin

    Purchasing Manager

  • Ali Dominguez

    Ali Dominguez

    Contract Department Manager

  • Cinda Schneider

    Cinda Schneider

    Administrative Specialist

  • Josh Emery

    Josh Emery

    Equipment Manager

  • Tristan Hernandez

    Tristan Hernandez


  • Nicolette Hernandez

    Nicolette Hernandez

    Payroll Administrator

  • Liany Gine

    Liany Gine

    Union Reporting Specialist

  • Karlene Fray

    Karlene Fray

    Project Accountant

  • Richard Sharek

    Richard Sharek

    Quality Manager - Welding Services

  • Kyle Brooker

    Kyle Brooker

    Quality Director


  • Jack Spurling

    Jack Spurling

    Director of Operations

  • Declan Farrington

    Declan Farrington

    Director of Operations

  • Joe Maracic

    Joe Maracic

    Business Development Representative

  • Tom Brennan

    Tom Brennan

    Chief Estimator

  • Doug Pigue

    Doug Pigue

    Lead Estimator

  • Maria Abouchadi

    Maria Abouchadi


  • Treyvon Price

    Treyvon Price


  • Omar Mule

    Omar Mule


  • Elena Ortiz

    Elena Ortiz


  • Leo Fuentes

    Leo Fuentes


  • Alex Thomas

    Alex Thomas


  • Matthias Mueller

    Matthias Mueller

    Estimator - Commercial

  • David Ofsharick

    David Ofsharick

    Senior Project Manager

  • Travis Revay

    Travis Revay

    Project Manager

  • Tom Brennan III

    Tom Brennan III

    Project Manager

  • Kasee Hofler

    Kasee Hofler

    Project Manager

  • Dana Cairone

    Dana Cairone

    Project Manager

  • Louis Rizzo

    Louis Rizzo

    Sr. Project Manager

  • Randy McLauchlin

    Randy McLauchlin

    Project Manager

  • Syed Arfeen

    Syed Arfeen

    Project Manager

  • Ivy Horn

    Ivy Horn

    Project Manager

  • Zack Beehner

    Zack Beehner

    Military Programs Coordinator

  • Dan Gibbens

    Dan Gibbens

    Director of Assets

  • William Schlenker

    William Schlenker

    Construction Manager – Commercial

  • Jerimiah Olson

    Jerimiah Olson

    Northwest Regional Manager

  • Frank Erdmann

    Frank Erdmann


  • Lorri Boccio

    Lorri Boccio

    Administrative Specialist

  • Cara Penso

    Cara Penso

    AP Specialist

  • Mary Zmudzinski

    Mary Zmudzinski

    Administrative Assistant

  • Constantina Makrigiannis

    Constantina Makrigiannis

    Payroll Specialist

  • Neil Wylen

    Neil Wylen

    Accounts Receivable

  • Amel “Nahree” Haynes

    Amel “Nahree” Haynes

    Safety Manager

  • Michael Penso

    Michael Penso

    Warehouse & Equipment Manager

  • Carl Gali

    Carl Gali

    Maintenance Manager

  • Arthur Winckler

    Arthur Winckler

    Assistant Warehouse Manager

  • Bruno Balbi

    Bruno Balbi

    Project Manager


  • David Sharek

    David Sharek

    Vice President Of Decommissioning and Spent Fuel Services

  • Geoff Schneider

    Geoff Schneider

    Operations Manager

  • Jim Carter

    Jim Carter

    Director of Operations

  • Jerry White

    Jerry White

    Operations Manager

  • Lynda O’Leary

    Lynda O’Leary

    Purchasing Manager

  • Keith Beam

    Keith Beam

    Operations Manager

  • Michael Fagan

    Michael Fagan

    Site Manager

  • Rob Dilger

    Rob Dilger

    Site Manager

  • Travis Hendrix

    Travis Hendrix

    Site Manager

  • Whitley Clark

    Whitley Clark

    Project Controls Manager

  • Bonnie Mayo

    Bonnie Mayo

    Project Support Administrator

  • Jamie Yates

    Jamie Yates

    S.H. & E Director

  • Lee Roy Culpepper

    Lee Roy Culpepper

    Project Manager

  • Mike Richards

    Mike Richards

    Project Manager

  • Alena Jackson

    Alena Jackson

    HR Manager

  • Alina Honea

    Alina Honea

    Office Manager & Executive Assistant

  • Judy Powers

    Judy Powers

    Site Office Manager

  • Judy Yancey

    Judy Yancey

    Office Manager

  • Dyane DiFrancesco

    Dyane DiFrancesco

    Office Manager

  • Braelen Gasser

    Braelen Gasser

    Equipment Manager

  • Gina Shaver

    Gina Shaver

    Union Reporting Specialist

  • Kai Fuson

    Kai Fuson

    Project Controls Specialist

  • Charles Neal

    Charles Neal

    Director, Project Controls

  • Jim Adameit

    Jim Adameit

    Proposal Manager

  • John Serrano

    John Serrano

    Business Analyst Manager

  • Johnathan Velie

    Johnathan Velie

    Project Controls Manager

  • Jenalee Shurling

    Jenalee Shurling

    ECP, Labor Relations, S.C.W.E and Operations Manager

  • Sabrina Dady

    Sabrina Dady


  • Darin Myers

    Darin Myers

    Sr. Vice President

  • Avery Powers

    Avery Powers

    Administrative Assistant

  • Jason Silva

    Jason Silva

    Site Quality Manager


  • Amanda Vallone

    Amanda Vallone

    Contract Administrator

  • Courtney Lampasona

    Courtney Lampasona

    Director of Human Resources

  • Carol Covetskie

    Carol Covetskie

    Accounts Payable

  • Patrick McLoughlin

    Patrick McLoughlin

    Director of Operations

  • Chase Fieldson

    Chase Fieldson

    Syracuse Operations Manager

  • William Cullen

    William Cullen

    Manager of Operations

  • Robert DeMarinis

    Robert DeMarinis

    VP of Operations

  • Steve Lampasona

    Steve Lampasona

    Manager of Operations

  • Raymond Tutiven

    Raymond Tutiven

    Director of Asbestos, Lead & Mold

  • Justin Halpin

    Justin Halpin

    Geologist & Environmental Scientist

  • Alicia Patti

    Alicia Patti


  • Melissa LaBua

    Melissa LaBua