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Specialty Services

Champion leverages its large, skilled workforce and extensive fleet of company-owned specialty equipment to provide a wide variety of specialty services to the commercial and industrial marketplaces.

Our services in Specialty Services in industrial paint companies and steel coating
  • Insulation

    Champion provides high-caliber mechanical insulation services with a focus on safety. Insulation helps to achieve various cost-saving benefits such as regulating temperatures, controlling condensation, reducing noise levels, reducing greenhouse emissions, and more.

  • Lead and Asbestos Abatement

    Champion safely provides asbestos and lead abatement containment. We perform at a high level, so our customers can continue to operate at theirs.

  • Metalizing

    There are numerous metalizing services that Champion performs, including decorative, protective, and functional.

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  • Penetration Seals

    Service penetration seals are passive fire protection systems designed to maintain the fire resistance of a building element or section where services such as cables, cable trays, pipes or ventilation ducts pass through them.

  • Roofing, Siding, Steel and More

    As the leading supplier of low-slope and metal roofing systems in the industrial and heavy commercial markets, our team plans, prepares, and executes efficiently every time. Champion provides roof coating benefits, including warranties, budget-friendly minimum, and lowering internal temperatures.

  • Sheeting

    Building walls not only serves a functional purpose, such as security and insulation, but also as a way to give a building a special personalized touch. Champion provides exterior siding and interior wall systems to increase functionality and improve building aesthetics.

  • Steel Repairs

    Our team offers a wide range of steel repair services and design-build scenarios in addition to stamped engineered drawings.

  • Structural Rehabilitation

    Champion specializes in the ability to improve the capacity of a building structure. We provide intelligent solutions for restoration and rehabilitation for each structural project. We have developed and utilized innovative techniques and equipment resources.

  • Electrical

    Champion focuses on the interaction with the design, maintenance, and installation of electrical systems. We have the talent and experience to execute work on a new build or an existing facility.

  • Mechanical

    Champion is a full service Maintenance, Modification, and Construction (MMC) Service Provider. We provide specialty and automatic welding services to the Power Generation and various manufacturing industries. As a full service valve and actuator maintenance company, we provide industry experts to support outage maintenance and valve repair/replacement projects. Champion provides an integrated planning and project management program to safely execute work with budget and schedule certainty.

  • Digital Upgrades

    Champion is a full service provider for Digital Upgrade Projects, including but not limited to, analog-to-digital conversions, control circuit calibrations, data acquisition and analysis, system modifications, circuit troubleshooting, and equipment repairs. Champion provides an integrated planning and project management program to safely execute work with budget and schedule certainty.

  • Security Upgrades

    Champion provides fully customizable solutions to every need. We have access to multiple suppliers and understand the importance of ensuring systems work together.

  • Outage Support

    Our experienced team of staff and craft personnel can provide project management and technical expertise for planned and unplanned outages.

  • Professional Staffing

    Champion has the industry expertise and a full scope of service to support the nuclear power industry. We manage professional staffing and recruiting for utilities across the nation. Champion has an extensive track record managing people, processes, and technology for complex large-scale critical projects. We across every discipline, including QA/QC, project management, inspectors, project controls, planners, schedulers, and more.

  • Craft Staffing

    Champion provides craft labor across all disciplines. We have International Specialty Agreements which allows us to provide traveling welders from all over the nation. As a signatory to the GPMMA, we work with union craft labor all over the nation.

  • Demolition & Decommissioning

    Champion offers solutions for the demolition and decommissioning of nuclear and fossil power plants. We have alliances with waste stream providers and lifting and rigging partners to provide a full service option to the D&D process.

  • Transmission & Distribution

    Champion is a full-service provider to electric utilities, cooperatives, and municipalities. We provide training, staffing, switchyard maintenance, and storm response to our clients. We provide the expertise and safety performance that is imperative to successfully and safely execute this work.

Specialty Services Services Available in these Industries

The Champion team is comprised of highly-experienced personnel that have the proven ability to self-perform specialty services and unique processes in the nuclear environment such as: coatings, linings, metallizing, insulation, fireproofing, roofing, siding, penetration seals, enclosure and work platform systems, identifications systems, and lead and asbestos abatement. Our projects include engagements with multiple commercial nuclear, nuclear new-build and conventional power utilities.

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Champion’s industrial clients are focused on manufacturing and distributing their products, moving people and supplies from place to place, and engineering and building new products. They rely on us to help them maintain, repair, and remediate their facilities, when needed.

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Performing in the heavy construction and infrastructure sector, Champion has a proven track record of success on major complex projects throughout the United States.

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