Champion Receives AMPP QP6 Accreditation

March 4, 2024

Champion receives AMPP QP6 Accreditation

Champion Specialty Services LLC (CSS) is proud to have received AMPP QP6 accreditation for Thermal Spray / Metallizing from the Association for Materials Protection and Performance (AMPP), the largest global community for corrosion and coatings expertise.

AMPP QP6 accreditation ensures that Champion has the technical capabilities and organizational structure to perform metalizing work at the highest standards of excellence.

Champion earned this accreditation for the safe installation, operation and maintenance of thermal spray equipment (as well as quality control testing standards, methods and procedures) associated with work on the Long Island Railroad Double Deck Bridge in Queens, NYC which spans across the Van Wyck Expressway. Working in partnership with both Halmar International (General Contractor) and the NY State Department of Transportation (Site Owner), Champion met all requirements for safety, performance, and quality in all phases of the project, including in the field, even amid the challenges of NYC infrastructure congestion.

The QP 6 program evaluates the qualifications of industrial thermal spray (metalizing) contractors on an annual basis through an on-site field audit performed by an AMPP technical auditor.

Champion’s mission is to be a leader for the industrial specialty services business segment – meeting and exceeding safety, performance, and specification requirements for each and every project.

AMPP QP6 Certification takes an honored place among Champion’s many other certifications and symbols of achievement, which together reinforce our organization-wide commitment to safety, quality, innovation and excellence.

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