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Champion Safety Newsletter – October 2023

October 27, 2023

Champion’s Investment in Safety, Health & Environmental Programs

October Safety Tips

By Fred Toler, CSP

Investing in Safety, Health & Environmental (SH&E) programs is an important practice that brings many benefits to the entire Champion organization.

The nature of our construction-focused work means that our crews typically encounter significant risks during the performance of their day-to-day activities. To help our employees in recognizing and mitigating these hazards, we have created and implemented a variety of job site programs and procedures.

Among our most effective workplace SH&E programs are the computer-based training modules that we have made available 24/7 via the internet and phone applications. Pairing these with specific task-targeted classroom training courses enables team members to stay up-to-date on the SH&E requirements for their current jobs and to prepare for advanced positions that call for specialized knowledge and skills. Training completions and recertification criteria can be accessed by our employees simply by using their phones, making it easy for everyone to know where they stand and what they need to accomplish their goals. What’s more, supervisors and clients can view these records in real time before assigning workers to tasks that require specific expertise or enhanced training.

By investing in our SH&E programs and platforms, Champion has established itself as an industry leader in workplace safety.  This translates into:

  • Reduced Risk. Construction is a profession that presents inherent risks, but understanding how to mitigate those risks empowers individuals and teams to protect themselves and each other through the establishment of a culture rooted in safety and awareness.
  • Improved employee engagement and productivity. When safety practices are well-known and strictly enforced, crews and supervisors experience more peace of mind, incidents that could jeopardize employees’ well-being are prevented, and projects can more often be completed on time.
  • Improved company culture. Companies that maintain a culture of safety and listen to employees when concerns are raised enjoy better employee retention rates and can more easily attract new members to their workforce.   
  • Improved quality. A safer and more engaged workforce promotes individual self-respect and the respect of others, which directly results in higher quality work results.
  • Lowered costs. Safer job sites lead to fewer health and safety incidents, which ultimately lowers costs related to accidents and interruptions to project timelines.
  • Continued Growth. Building a strong SH&E program provides a solid platform for our customers to evaluate project performance and elevates us above our competition.
  • Reputation Protection. Serious injuries, fatalities, or failed OSHA inspections often result in major PR and reputation damage and embarrassment when news spreads online, in trade journals and local newspapers.

Crew of the Month

Since November 2022, Champion Industrial Services has actively undertaken coatings removal at the Savannah River Site. Our crews have logged over 33,000 labor hours on this project to date, and we’ve surpassed 17,500 labor hours since our last safety incident. Despite occasional challenges, we continuously adapt means and methods in real time to enhance employee safety while meeting all project demands. The Champion employees at the Savannah River Site have consistently promoted a safe work culture since the beginning and remain diligent and engaged as we progress.

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