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Champion Safety Newsletter – September 2023

September 20, 2023


September Safety Tips

By Fred Toler, CSP

At-risk behavior causes human failure. On a normal day, humans are said to make around five mistakes every hour they are awake. So, for a company with 1000 employees, that means around 5,000 errors are occurring every hour (1000 x 5/hr = 5,000). The number of mistakes increases when people are in a hurry, shouldering a heavy workload, performing too many functions at once, or performing highly repetitive tasks.

In the work environment, factors such as distractions, interruptions, and unplanned changes—often called “error precursors”—are typical set ups for human error. Specific examples of error precursors may include: 

  • Meeting task demands that are greater than the worker’s abilities
  • Working under confusing conditions that make the job harder
  • Employing new or unfamiliar techniques and methods
  • Relying on mental shortcuts
  • Performing a job with unknown or unclear standards
  • Working while ill or fatigued

The good news is, there are a few techniques that workers and crews can use to make sure everyone is working in the safest possible environment. It is the responsibility of every employee and crew to do their part to anticipate, prevent, and catch errors at the job site. 

Safety-related performance improvement can be achieved in multiple categories, including:

  • Work Preparation
  • Work Performance
  • Worker Feedback
  • Error Prevention Tools

Within every one of those categories, successful error-prevention relies on the development  and implementation of a strong defense that incorporates techniques such as:

  • Process Improvement
  • Adequate Training 
  • Oversite
  • Teamwork

It’s also important that everyone on job sites maintain a questioning attitude and stay alert. Remember, under the best of circumstances humans make around five mistakes an hour. We can help prevent serious repercussions from human error by always:

  • Scanning our environment
  • Staying focused on our tasks
  • Taking action when we see something that looks dangerous

It’s also important to be aware of and follow proper procedures because understanding the purpose and strategy of these protocols promotes safe and reliable outcomes. Adhering to approved procedures assists to dispel doubts and provides clarification about why and how we execute various tasks and duties. 

Human error is normal but preventing catastrophic outcomes as a result of these errors is almost always within our power if we follow the basic guidelines described above. 

Events occur if all barriers and the frontline fail…



Between July 31 and August 20, 2023, Champion Specialty Services, LLC performed clean up on a downed turbine at the Cedar Springs, WY wind site. During the team’s time onsite, all work was conducted in a professional, ethical, safety-driven and safety-conscious manner with the customer’s needs always top of mind. David Sweeny and Tommy Schmidt worked together as a team to drop the tower safely, cut, and then demolish all scrap steel and fiberglass debris. The environmental technician, Matt Miller, was instrumental in supporting the demolition work as well as providing the expertise to properly clean the site and remove the contaminated soil. Our crew overcame early weather-related delays to execute the work according to the task schedule. Though the work was conducted in a remote location where logistical support from sub-contracted vendors created some difficulties for Champion, a well thought out and strong mitigation plan helped overcome these challenges. As a result, the team completed the clean-up on schedule while exceeding expectations. The project management team appreciated David Sweeny’s open communication as well as his accommodating approach and unwavering commitment to safety in all job aspects. It was a pleasure to have such a reliable and dynamic team to complete this complex project.


Kyle Merry

Senior PGD CMSP Wind Catastrophics Project Mgr

NextEra Energy Resources

Cell: 561-406-3484

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