Top Three Challenges in Painting Public Structures and How to Prepare for Them

May 19, 2021

Champion aims to bring quality to the surface. Our standard of service means exceeding safety, quality, and performance requirements for every client, both public and private sectors. As vital as our work often is, a great deal of it happens behind the scenes. Ensuring we’re providing long-lasting results is a critical component of our work.

When painting public structures, it’s essential to consider several issues that could affect both the success and longevity of the project.

The top three challenges to consider when painting public structures include:

1. Protection of the traveling public

To keep sites safe, compliant, and prevent our team and others from getting injured, we work closely with clients to ensure that any necessary signs, barricades, and safety nets are in place before we begin. Depending on the project, we will work to obtain permits to close certain parts of the sidewalk or road that we feel would be unsafe for any passersby.

2. Access to the work area

A focus and commitment to safety is crucial in what we do. We limit work area access points to prevent theft, injury, vandalism and other accidents. A secure perimeter with appropriate fencing is necessary for the safety of all.

3. Containment of hazardous waste materials during abrasive blasting

Industrial work sites can often be full of hazards, from the sprays of welding sparks to corrosive materials. No two projects are exactly alike. That is why we see ourselves as creative problem solvers with the power to generate meaningful results, even when standard solutions don’t apply. The abrasive blasting required on specific projects can create high dust levels, some of it containing toxic materials. We identify the hazards before beginning work, so we can address them appropriately through ventilation, isolation, or containment. We provide respiratory protection, personal protective equipment, and keep handwashing stations and vacuums handy so that the accumulation of toxic dust can be minimized.

We champion quality and do not believe in partial solutions or shortcuts. Our clients must be able to rely on our work long term, which is why we work to preserve the lifespan of our exterior jobs by combating the environmental corrosion of steel and concrete structures through the use of protective coatings. It’s important to maintain these structures as ultimately it saves our clients money.

At Champion, we embrace the challenges that come along with our job and do our best to ensure that we work proactively to minimize issues for our staff and provide beautiful, long-lasting results for our clients. Remember to evaluate and consider the factors discussed above before embarking on your public structure paint project.


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