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Every year, there are numerous reports of injuries, deaths, explosions, and fires from unsafe or poorly-planned excavations that strike underground facilities or result from collapsed trenches. Many of these incidents can be avoided and the risks minimized by utilizing vacuum excavation.

No one has more equipment and better trained workers than Champion Environmental Services to handle vacuum excavating. We have specialty units such as:

  • HEPA- Quiet run NX units with state-of-the-art filtration to -99.97% and high dump capabilities.
  • Quiet run 2100 Plus units with sewer jet capacity of 120GPM, 50% higher than standard sewer jetting units.
  • Equipped with hot water and hydro-excavating capabilities.
  • High dump units capable of loading into standard 20-yard roll off containers for contaminated materials.
  • More nimble front boom units without a hose reel for tight spaces requiring hydro excavation.
  • Standard workhorse Guzzler units for applications where long runs of hose are needed.

Some applications for industrial vacuum services include, but are not limited to:

  • Manhole cleaning (contaminated or non-contaminated)
  • Storm drain/cesspool cleaning/fly ash removal services in power stations
  • Boiler insulation removal services Roof rock/ Debris removal
  • Trough cleaning/industrial tank cleaning (oily sludge, sediment, rust removal, etc)
  • Oil spill cleanup/water treatment/pond cleaning
  • Sewer jetting/line clearing/pig removal/tracer line running
  • Potholing/underground utility locating/trenching near utilities, in substations or power stations
  • Foundation excavation
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