SSPC Certified Protective Coating, Speciality Painting and Heavy Constructions Contractor
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Access Platforms and Scaffolding

Our crew utilizes and installs engineered full-shield and platform systems developed explicitly for bridge construction, rehabilitation, and repair. CPSSC owns and installs the Safespan Multi-Span Bridge Platform System as the preferred system for projects.

Tank Lining

Our team has an extensive history with tank lining and provides fuel tank liners, gas tank liners, water tank liners, and full containment liners. Our custom tank liners are built to prevent leakages and safely contain chemicals for years to come.

High-Performance Coatings

CPSSC is highly experienced in providing only the best to increase the protection and longevity of structures. CPSSC offers premium, value-added service unsurpassed in the coatings industry, including epoxy, lining, and sealers.


Our professional crews ensure the protection of structures through access to the latest insulation and linings materials that work to keep facilities protected from extreme heat. While fire cannot be prevented, the toll a fire takes on a structure is minimized through CPSSC’s efforts.

Aerial Drone Inspections

Our drone inspection services accelerate the inspection of difficult-to-access civil construction and infrastructure projects and help identify issues quickly and efficiently with preventive measure planning, thus saving cost.

Rope Access

Our expert crew is highly skilled in working at high elevations or getting into tough to reach places. CPSSC has vertical access specialists equipped to provide safe, low-cost, and highly effective and operational solutions that outperform the competition.


CPSSC provides high-caliber mechanical insulation services with a focus on safety. Insulation helps to achieve various cost-saving benefits such as regulating temperatures, controlling condensation, reducing noise levels, reducing greenhouse emissions, and more!

Penetration Seals

Service penetration seals are passive fire protection systems designed to maintain the fire resistance of a building element or section where services such as cables, cable trays, pipes or ventilation ducts pass through them.

Specialty Enclosure Systems

Our team provides and installs specialized temporary work platforms and containment systems to give our maintenance crews a safe and isolated work platform. Our temporary work platform and containment systems have a proven history of being a cost-effective and SAFE method to accomplish maintenance work on the run without interruption to normal facility operations.

Lead & Asbestos Abatement

CPSSC provides asbestos and lead abatement containment, which is due to our experience in the industry. CPSSC understands the dynamics of performing at a high level, so our customers can continue to operate at theirs. Only the highest degrees of safety and integrity will do; otherwise, we consider the project unsuccessful.

Structural Rehabilitation

CPSSC specializes in the ability to improve the capacity of a building structure. CPSSC provides intelligent solutions for restoration and rehabilitation for each structural project. We have developed and utilized innovative techniques and equipment resources to help perform these projects.

Corrosion Control

Corrosion control is an essential system design to preclude or reduce corrosion. CPSSC is highly specialized. Not all contractors have the skill to perform the tasks that we do. CPSSC continues to evaluate situations and recommend the proper course of action for corrosion control.


As the leading supplier of low-slope and metal roofing systems in the industrial and heavy commercial markets, our team plans, prepares, and executes efficiently every time. CPSSC provides roof coating benefits, including warranties, budget-friendly minimum and lowering internal temperatures.


Building walls not only serve a functional purpose, such as security and insulation, but also as a way to give a building a special personalization touch. CPSSC provides exterior siding and interior wall systems to increase functionality and improve building aesthetics.

Steel Repairs

Our team provides turn-key service offering a wide range of steel repair services and offers design-build scenarios in addition to stamped engineered drawings.