Champion prioritizes safe and sustainable operations, with a strong focus on minimizing any negative impact on the environments where we perform work. We utilize efficient recycling processes in our blasting operations, effectively reducing waste through minimal abrasive material loss. Through our commitment to reducing carbon emissions and promoting sustainability, Champion is transitioning from carbon fueled equipment to utilizing electric powered compressors, blast units, recyclers, and dehumidifiers. In addition to the environmental commitment on our job sites, Champion uses paperless reporting as it pertains to payroll, quality control reports, inspection reports, and more.

Champion places great emphasis on our safety procedures, including but not limited to: adequate training, competent supervision, accident prevention, extensive safety precautions during operations, and accident reporting. The safety of our workers is of the utmost importance. Through our regulations and procedures in place, workers can feel safe and protected while on the jobsite. Champion’s safety management team, led by our Corporate Safety Director, are constantly finding innovative ways to improve our safety practices. Any worker found non-compliant with our safety policies is subject to disciplinary action, from suspension to dismissal.

Champion’s primary goal is to maintain safe working conditions while continuously striving for process improvements that promote individual health and safety, environmental sustainability, and responsible business practices.


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