Dyckman Street Bridge



  • Power Washing/Cleaning of all concrete surfaces followed by a four(4) coat system of Keim Concretal Water Barrier Coating.

  • Power Tool Cleaning SSPC SP 3 of bridge railings and application of a three(3) coat epoxy system.

Sequence of Work:

  • Installation of MPT/Roadway protection.

  • Installation of containment system for power wash and coating activities.

  • Application of Keim Heavy Duty Cleaner and subsequent power-washing of all concrete surfaces.

  • Application of four (4) coat Keim Concretal Water Barrier coating system.

  • Power Tool cleaning of structure railings to SSPC SP3 and subsequent application of Sherwin Williams Epoxy coating system.

Project Details:

Date: 08-10-20

Prepared: Declan Farrington

Project: Dyckman Street Bridge Job #20039

General Contractor: Champion Painting

Customer: TBTA



High-Performance Coatings


The Dyckman Street Bridge is a concrete arch bridge over Dyckman Street on the Henry Hudson Parkway (NY 9A) in New York, New York.