Nuclear Facility Roof and Siding Replacement


Champion was contracted by an industry-leading energy company to remove the existing siding, roof, insulation, gutters and flashing trim from a pressurized water reactor and install new 26-gage siding.

For this project, the team was tasked with the demolition of existing roll-up doors and the installation of new ones, which required the use of large industry fasteners with neoprene washers.

Paint colors needed to be carefully matched: white for the roof, light stone for the siding and Roman blue for the trim.

The Champion Challenge

The project area was set between two primary plant entrances and could be easily observed by any employees entering or exiting the facility.

Additionally, the project was in plain view of the plant manager’s office, the plant safety office and other key facility personnel.

Due to the dangers associated with working at heights, the team implemented a 100% tie-off above four feet, tethered all tools when working above ground level and used cut-resistant gloves while working with any metals.

Despite the high visibility and significant civilian traffic, the project was successfully completed without incident on time and on budget, and further cemented an excellent working relationship with the client.

Project Details:

Client: Major U.S. energy company

Division: Nuclear/Specialty

Started: February 12, 2024

Completed: May 2, 2024

Project Manager: Lee Roy Culpeper


Roof and siding replacement