Throgs Neck Bridge



Installation of 620,000 square feet of Safespan Suspended Shielding Platform of both side spans and main span. In addition, cleaning and painting of various associated steel repairs was performed on the same surfaces. Surface of upper and lower outside trusses and cord boxes were prepared and overcoated. The platform installation encompassed both the Bronx and Queens’ side spans and the main bridge span with two levels being installed. Both platforms were designed for loads of 75 lbs per square foot which entailed installation of main cables at intervals of 2’6” for a total of 46 main cables spanning the width of the bridge deck. Installation of the upper platform allowed for other contract work to continue on the lower platform while the demolition of the bridge deck was in progress. There were also four additional smaller platforms installed on both approaches and inside both anchorages.

Sequence of Work:

Installation of Bronx Side Span Lower Level started after the Memorial Day weekend holiday with the mobilization of all main cables, tie up cables, and main cable anchor points from the Bronx abutment to the Bronx tower. All materials were brought to the bridge deck during lane closures, dropped by mobile crane to the lower outside cord boxes, and secured in place for installation. Anchor plates were installed at the Bronx Anchorage and subsequently on the Bronx Tower for termination and tightening. The logistics for the installation of the lower platform were very demanding due to the limited time allowed contractually in the closed lanes, necessitating timely planning and accurate placement of workforce. As this work was taking place during the beginning of the summer, lane closures could be pulled at any time due to traffic volume. It was imperative to take advantage of every minute in the closures.

This sequence for the lower platform installation continued from the Bronx Tower to the Queens Tower, with additional labor being added as cables were tightened and subsequent sheeting installation could begin. Once the lower platform reached the Queens Tower, and then the Queens Anchorage, the same sequence was commenced for the installation of the lower platform. By this time, the logistical kinks had been worked out and the progress of installation was accelerated for the upper shielding platforms.

Platforms were certified and turned over for use to the General Contractor in the following sequence:

  • Bronx Side Span Lower Level
  • Bridge Main Span Lower Level
  • Queens Side Span Lower Level
  • Bronx Side Span Upper Level
  • Bronx Approach (Strip Platform)
  • Bridge Main Span Upper Level
  • Queens Side Span Upper Level
  • Queens Approach (Strip Platform)
  • Queens Anchorage (Inside)
  • Bronx Anchorage (Inside)
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Project Details:

Date: 4-15-2020

Prepared: Declan Farrington

Project: TN-49 Rehabilitation/Replacement of Throgs Neck Roadway Deck

General Contractor: Judlau OHL

Customer: TBTA





While this project was very demanding regarding safety, logistics and schedule Champion Painting SCC believes that this was a successful endeavor in all of the above aspects. All schedules were met and, in most cases, brought in ahead of the designated due dates required by the contract. Difficulties and challenges were addressed head-on and with constant communication from the field to upper management and the owners.